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Tips For A Better Diabetic Dog Food


Tips For A Better Diabetic Dog Food

Just like people, old dogs tend to have more health problems than their younger counterparts. This is why owners who have pets approaching ten years old should start bringing them to the vet at least twice a year for checkups. This way, underlying problems may be easily spotted and treated to further prolong the life of the dog.

One of the most common health issues dogs today encounter is diabetes. Luckily, pet owners have the option of changing their pets’ diet to something suited for their health.

 Choosing a Diabetic dog food

When finding dog food for diabetics, the specific situations of the pet should be taken into account. For example, if the pet is overweight then it only makes sense to give them something with low calories. Sugar content should also be minimized as well as sodium, carbohydrates and fat. Fiber should also be contained as it helps with the digestion process of the carbohydrates. More specifically, it slows it down, therefore maintaining a glucose balance in the body.

Sticking to wet or dry food is not always a good idea. Instead, pet owners should aim for a balanced consistency for their pet, making it easier for old dogs to chew while keeping their digestive system on track. For homemade foods, keep the pet away from anything fried and instead serve them something grilled. Make sure to observe the pet and how they will react to this new diet.

Regardless of what diabetic dog food the owner chooses, it is important to always have the approval of the vet. In fact, some vets may even suggest what brand to use in order to make sure that the dog keeps his glucose levels in check. An oral medication might also be prescribed to make sure that the pet stays healthy.

Alert text Feeding Frequency

Heavy meals should be avoided and substituting small meals two or three times a day. This will make it easier for the dog to digest their food and therefore maintain glucose levels within the normal rate. Much like humans, treating diabetes goes beyond the diet. Individuals must also expose their pet to routine walks in order to get some much needed exercise. Follow the instructions of the vet and the dog should live a long and happy life.

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