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Pretty long hair styles 2014 trends

luscious waves


luscious waves

Dear brides to be, if you are looking for a voluminous and timeless hairstyle for your big day, you can never go wrong with this cascade of beautiful waves pinned to the side with a voluminous pompadour-like effect and a 50’s feel to it. All eyes on you!

Beach Waves & Braid

Beach Waves & Braid

  It’s all about how you sport your hair, this fusion of medieval hairstyle with modern retro “swag” looks fantastic. It’s always nice to accessorize and compliment your hairstyles with cool shades which adds so much to this already cool halo braided hairstyle.

Unconventienal Braid

Unconventional Braid

 It might not be the easiest braid to achieve but i’m sure you can find a stylist who can easily do this and well worth the time and effort on that special day.

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail Braids

 An amazingly cute hairstyle, what is great about this look is that not only are the use of fishtail braids creatively done but we love how she started with a smaller fishtail at the top flowing into a beautiful bigger one.

The fringe swept to the side

The fringe swept to the side into a beautiful hot mess with some classy red curls is one way to steal the spotlight which is just what the beautiful singer and newly entrepreneur Christina Milian has done with this hairstyle.


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