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Abu Simbel Temple in Nubia, Egypt

Abu Simbel Temple in Nubia, Egypt The Nubian monuments, constructed by Pharaoh Ramesses II (1300 BCE). Abu Simbel, Nubia, Egypt.   Abu Simbel interior, Egypt. Construction of the temple complex started in approximately 1264 BCE and lasted for about 20 years, until 1244 BCE. Known as the “Temple of Ramesses, beloved by Amun” it was one of six rock temples …

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Tourism and attractions in Barcelona

  Barcelona has become one of the first tourist destination of Spain, it knows how to please the big majority : with a history among the oldest in Europe, a capital, Barcelona, which never sleeps and an inland full of charm not to forget beautiful beaches in La Costa Brava. The variety of artistic treasures, the Romanesque churches and the great …

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Holiday Atmosphere at Island Hideaway Resort in Maldives

  Island Hideaway is one of the many fascinating refuges in the Maldives. Located on the crescent-shaped island of Dhonakulhi, the resort has complex accommodation options, plenty of facilities and a design inspiring comfort and relaxation. Here is more from the official description, as provided by the staff of the resort: “Guests are whisked to The Island Hideaway in the North …

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Phuket Island

The huge rock formations of Phuket Island.

No trip to Thailand would be complete without spending at least a few days on Phuket Island, Thailand’s largest and most popular island destination.  A short distance to the south of the Thai mainland sits one of the most popular tropical islands in Southeast Asia, Phuket island. Phuket is connected to the mainland by two bridges which makes the island easily reachable but …

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