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​?HOW TO GROW YOUR HAIR FAST!☄ Have you had a bad haircut or regret cutting your hair shorter? ?? This method will grow 1-2 inches of hair PER week.. possibly more! depending on your body :)) Heres HOW!?? Make a Cocktail of:? ?PUMPKIN OIL (you need more of this because this is your base oil) ?PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL (you need …

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Why Do Ponytails Cause Headaches?

We often hear that “beauty is pain,” but should an everyday, regular ‘ol hairstyle have to be such a sacrifice? I love a high ponytail as much as the next girl. It’s simple. It’s quick. It’s perfect for days you haven’t washed your hair since god-knows-when. The one thing I can’t stand about them, however, is the achey, throbbing feeling …

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Amazing Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

1. DARK RED HAIR + SUBTLE BRIGHT RED HIGHLIGHTS One of the best things you can do with a red hair look is to create a balayage style which is essentially hand-painted highlights. You’ve got the beautiful dark red base here, almost purple in nature, but to bring it to live, there are delicate brighter red highlights, giving added depth …

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Amazing blond hair styles

  White Milk Braids Step-by-Step Hairstyles with Long Hair A fresh, short hairstyle will get a lot of public attention. The short hairstyle can be both liberating and life-affirming. Beside, it is of low-maintenance. There are many kinds of short hairstyles to consider. You can choose it according to your hair length and face shape, facial features Source,

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Foods for healthy hair

 Eat Right for Your Hair Type What’s one of the best-kept secrets for healthy hair? Is it the latest exotic potion from Europe? An exclusive Hollywood salon conditioner? You might be surprised to learn that it’s a balanced diet. Experts agree that a healthy diet with the right mix of protein, iron, and other nutrients can help improve the health, …

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Long hair styles

  Press on photo to enlarge French Braid Style hairstyle tutorials Source,

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Pretty long hair styles 2014 trends

  luscious waves Dear brides to be, if you are looking for a voluminous and timeless hairstyle for your big day, you can never go wrong with this cascade of beautiful waves pinned to the side with a voluminous pompadour-like effect and a 50’s feel to it. All eyes on you! Beach Waves & Braid   It’s all about how you …

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Fashionable hair styles

Pretty long hairstyle for women

  french braid ponytail Waterfall curled hair. Love this braid! Colored hair style sources:,,

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Lovely long hair style

        For most of my life, I’ve wanted thinner hair. When little girls in my class secured their entire head of hair with a single little clip, I suffered from headaches whenever I wore pigtails. Over the years I’ve slowly learned to appreciate my hair, especially when I can turn a classic braid into a romantic updo. …

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